Chicken and Mushroom Sauce

Chicken and Mushroom Sauce

Todays venture was a pan cooked chicken covered in a lovely mushroom sauce. I had attempted to make a carrot soup to go with it, but the soup ended up tasting like it would go great with a pot roast so it turned into a garnish.

Chicken –
Dry off
Dust with Coarse Black Pepper

Place in buttered skillet until done.

Mushroom Sauce
This is much like a gravy to be honest. I took about a tablespoon of flour, and used what was left in the skillet after cooking the chicken to make a basic roux. I then added the mushrooms and reduced it down until it had the consistency I liked.


Lasagna & Stuffed Mushrooms


Ok so I had planned on going Japanese today and making yakisoba, but my wife called and said she was in the mood for Italian Sausage, so after bouncing between a few things, we decided on Lasagna and for an appetizer I went with stuffed mushrooms. I figured it would be to easy to buy the noodles, so for the first time in my life ever I decided to make the noodles from scratch…. this was fun.

Noodle Recipe

3 cups of flour

2 egg whites

1 tablespoon of Olive Oil

Mix all ingredients together throughly, and then kneed the dough for about ten minutes. Next you let the dough rest for about an hour (I started the rest of my junk while it was resting).

I found it easier to separate the dough into three pieces  for the next step. Flour liberally the board and the top of the dough, then I rolled the dough flat as I could with a rolling pin. I then used my nifty squiggly pastry cutter to make it look kinda like lasagna noodles. Boil for about a minute or two and remove.

Lasagna Sauce

I kinda used my spaghetti sauce for the lasagna sauce.

The layers I did for the lasagna are in this order

1st I put in a layer of Sauce

2nd Row of Noodles

3rd Mozzarella Cheese

4th Sauce

5th Ricotta Cheese

6th Noodles

7th THIN layer of sauce (mostly for coloring)

8th Shredded Parm Cheese

Bake at 350 Degrees for 15 minutes

Stuffed Mushrooms

2 cups Italian Sausage

1 cup bread crumbs

2 basil leafs

1 clove garlic

6 mushroom stalks chopped

A bunch of mushroom caps.

First if you are using the pre-stuffed sausage you have to remove the meat from the skin like substance. and brown this so that there is no pink left. Combine all ingredients in a bowl except for the mushroom caps. Use the mixture to stuff inside the cap of the mushroom and bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. Garnish with parm cheese.


I also baked some asparagus because it was on sale at the grocery store for only 1.99 a pound, I pulled the tip and the end of the stalk till it broke and threw away the part away from the tip and used only the tip and what was left. Baked at 350 degrees for 15 minutes (should still have some crisp to them).


And then of course I had to add a salad for a bit more greenery.


Steak and Potatoes

Steak and Potatoes

Ok so tonight was going to be about my grandmother. I kinda didn’t get her a birthday present last month, I am a big loser that forgot his grandmothers own birthday. Now she likes three different things, Lobster, Spaghetti and Steak. Lobster is way to expensive here in Dallas, I made Spaghetti a couple nights ago, so it left me only with steak. I was on s serious budget so I had to go with probably my least favorite cut of meat, blade.

Steak Recipe :

Dash salt and pepper on each side, and cook for 3 minutes, turn at 90 degrees, cook for 2 more minutes, flip. 3 minutes, turn 90 degrees and two more…. steak is done.

Potatoes are one of those rustic dishes that need a bit of flair to make it really spark, but you have to keep it simple.

Potatoes Joe:

2 1/2 pounds of potatoes, cubed
1/4 Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4 Basil leaves chopped

Preheat oven to 350 degrees, mix Potatoes, EVOO and Basil all together in a roasting pan. Cook for 20 minutes and stir them up really good. Cook for another 20 minutes and serve.

Grape Juice Reduction Sauce:

Two Cups grape juice

Heat grape juice until liquid is reduced to about half original quantity.

I hope you enjoy.

Crawfish Etouffee

Crawfish Etouffee

Ok, so tonight was supposed to be a quick and easy dinner, however I forgot that when you buy your crawfish for Etouffee you mush de-shell your lovely shellfish. My original recipe called for 1 pound of crawfish, but since I wasn’t thinking I ended up with about half a pound, so the recipe was adjusted on the fly.

1 stick butter
1 tablespoon flour
1 whole onion chopped
4 stalks of celery chopped
1 bell pepper chopped
(1/2) pound of crawfish tails
2 cloves of garlic (halfway between minced and chopped)
1 tablespoon of flour (yes this is a second one)
1 cup of water
4 full stocks of parsley chopped
6 green onions chopped (green only)

In my pan I tossed the butter on high heat and let that begin to melt until the it started to really bubble up, I then added the tablespoon of flour and stirred for four minutes. The next stage was adding the onions, celery, and bell peppers and here I lowered the heat down to medium. I let the saute for 12 minutes. I then added the crawfish and garlic and let them cook for 10 minutes (stirring every once in awhile). Mix the water and flour in a bowl and stir until the flour dissolves, now that the crawfish has been on for 10 minutes add in the water/flour mixture and stir while it thickens. Once the mixture thickens (about 10 minutes for me) add in the chopped green onions and parsley and let that go for about 5 minutes.

I had some dirty rice which I put in a large shot glass dropped that in the middle of the bowl (had to tap the sides of the shot glass to get the rice to come out nicely) and surrounded it by the etouffee.

I call this dish Log Cabin in a swamp.
I am going to revisit this dish later and make some alterations, so keep an eye out for it again. Oh and on a quick note if you are trying to recreate this dish, cut the amount of onion in half, there was way to much onion, and not enough crawfish.



My tried and true spaghetti. This is a very simple recipe that I have made many times.

1 28 oz – Can of Tomato Sauce
1 Medium Yellow Onion
1 Stalk of Celery
3 Itilaian Sausages Split
6 Fresh Basil Leaves
1 teaspoon of Thyme
1 clove minced garlic

Put pan on medium heat, and add Tomato sauce. Chop the Onions and celery and saute them for about four minutes and add them to the sauce. Cut open and peel off the skin of the Sausages and brown them until fully cooked. Add these to the tomato sauce. Chop the basil and thyme and add these into the sauce . The next stage is adding the garlic and letting it cook over a medium heat uncovered for twenty minutes. If you need to leave this cooking for longer cover your pan so that your sauce doesn’t thicken any more.